Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Since my woodworking life is now completely taken up with the task of cutting all the joinery for the timberframe home I'm building I might as well post some pictures of the process here. Here are some shots of the progression of a dovetail in one of the main floor joists as well as a pic of the massive circular saw I have for squaring timbers and roughing out some of the joinery.

New "old" saw.

Here are a few pics of the new (to me) Disston No. 12 crosscut saw I just picked up. I've been looking for a good crosscut saw for a while and was about to fork out for a new one when I came across this one on Ebay. The gentleman who sold it to me refurbishes vintage handsaws and puts them up for auction on a regular basis. I love old tools but sometimes you run the risk of buying a very attractive but not very useful tool. Not the case here. This saw (c. 1896-1917) starts easy, cuts smooth and true and already feels very well worn... all good attributes in a saw. It is nice and clean and he did a respectable job of repairing the wooden handle. If you like to own and use vintage tools you should check out the Techno Primitives website. Check out the link in the sidebar.